Emacs Org-mode: Publishing to WordPress

The next step on this emacs org-mode kick? Instead of editing the blog in markdown and publishing it with jekyll, edit in org-mode and publish to WordPress. There’s a package for this, org2blog/wp, and very useful setup instructions here.

The only change I had to make is that using .netrc as described returned an

Wrong type argument: stringp, netrc-get

error. Looking at the org2blog/wp package itself, I discovered that a commit five months after the instructions came out recommended replacing ‘netrc with ‘auth-source. After making that change, everything worked.

The commit to my .emacs.d including this change is here. The ~/.authinfo file is in the form:

machine thewanderingcoder
  login {my-login}
  password {my-password}

One further note: on trying both the native emacs highlighting (org2blog/wp-use-sourcecode-shortcode nil) and the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin highlighting (org2blog/wp-use-sourcecode-shortcode ‘t), I had to agree that the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin highlighting looked much better.

The one difficulty, particularly for a post about testing, is that it didn’t recognize and highlight ert-deftest. So I edited my copy of shBrushLisp.js and added ert-deftest to the end of the list of macros:

var macros = ‘loop when dolist dotimes defun ert-deftest’;

and uploaded the modified file to wp-content/plugins/syntaxhighlighter, and now ert-deftest is highlighted accordingly.